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Rafflesia pricei, Borneo

Rafflesia pricei, Borneo

I was filming in #Borneo for #BBCEarth #EarthOnLocation... For two weeks we had been searching for a flowering parasitic Rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world. Its distinctive red and white petals resemble rotting flesh and its putrid smell attracts flies. Its other name is the corpse flower. I received a promising call from Tambunan forest reserve. By the time we arrived the flower was well past its best. It had a large split in its side, just enough for me to focus my lens through. I used the light from my headtorch to illuminate its cavernous inside as a fly landed to collect pollen from the tips of the thick red anthers. #Rafflesia #flower #nature #Borneo #Parasite #Travel #Wildife

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