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Sand Pipers, Ruddy Turnstones & Red Knots
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Camels, Chinguetti

Camels, Chinguetti

I was filming in the ancient Mauretanian town of Chinguetti, at the heart of the Sahara. 1,000 years ago this was a major outpost on the trade routes across North Africa. It prospered from the exchange of goods, culture and knowledge, but in the 15th century its fortunes were changed. Christopher Columbus's discovery of the circular patterns of the atmosphere and the reliability of particular winds, fuelled the rise of ocean trade routes. Chinguetti was eclipsed as the wealth moved to the coast and ports easily reached by Europeans. Today only a few hardy nomads continue to use Chinguetti as a place to rest, and it is slowly being swallowed by the shifting sands of the Sahara. #Chinguetti #Sahara #BBCEarth #BBC #EarthOnLocation #Camel #Desert #Mauretania #History