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Sand Pipers, Ruddy Turnstones & Red Knots
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The Cave of Giant Crystals, Naica, Mexico

The Cave of Giant Crystals, Naica, Mexico

We intrepidly stepped forwards – to say that the heat hit us like a wall, would be an understatement. My glasses steamed up and their metal frames started to burn my skin - I had to leave them at the entrance. A slightly fuzzy view did not perturb my sense of awe. I was dumbstruck. A torrent of sweat streamed from my head, my energy was being sucked away, and my breathing became heavy. The view was enthralling, my eyes led me forwards but my body wanted to retreat. I was dwarfed by a forest of giant gypsum crystals, some up to 12 metres long - the largest crystals ever discovered, some estimated to weigh as much as 55 tonnes. It was something that had to be seen to be believed and I was doing just that... #BBC #EarthOnLocation #Cave #Naica #Crystals #Alien #Mexico #Selenite #Geology #Mineral #Crystal

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