I am a TV producer, director and wildlife photographer. I have been based at the BBC Natural History Unit since 2003 and in that time I have been fortunate to film in more than 35 countries and work on a range of productions including ‘Life’, 'Wonders of the Monsoon', 'Blue Planet II' and 'Big Cats (Super Cats PBS)’. I am currently producing two episodes of 'Green Planet' for broadcast in 2022.

I particularly loves to shine a light on the peculiar and less familiar members of the natural world, and I am  always looking for creative ways to hack kit, get the cameras closer to the action, and film remarkable behaviour for the very first time.  

Read about how we 'hacked kit' for Big Cats here

Using a low light camera we were able to film the Black-Footed Cat in South Africa and it soon became the most watched wildlife clip on the BBC (almost 100 million views on this link alone)

Paul Williams, dry lake bed

My most memorable encounters:

During my time working with the BBC I have had many memorable experiences, including wearing a space suit of ice, and carrying a fridge to enable me to breathe in one the worlds ‘deadliest’ caves', climbing one of the highest mountains in Asia in the search of a leech as big as my arm, and I was privileged to lead the first team to successfully film the bizarre pallas’s cat of Mongolia. 

Here are a few behind the scenes videos of some of my most memorable shoots..

1. Stalked by one of the world's biggest leopards in the night, Sri Lanka

2. Filming the Swamp Tiger, India (watch the sequence here,  behind the scenes here)

3. The shrew that uses a pitcher plant like a toilet, Borneo 

Here is some advice for wildlife filmmakers that I wrote for the Eden Channel.

Here is a video interview I gave to the Open University following a talk I presented at Wildscreen Film Festival in 2014.

Some of the TV shows that I have worked on...

Big Cats - BBC One (2018)

Attenborough and the Sea Dragon - BBC One (2018)

Blue Planet II - timelapse - BBC One (2017)

Wild Tales from the Village - timelapse - BBC Two (2016)

Earth's Greatest Spectacles - New England - BBC Two (2016)

Wonders of the Monsoon- BBC Two (2014)

Secrets of Our Living Planet - BBC Two (2012)

Animals Guide to Britain - BBC Two (2011)

How the Earth made us - BBC Two (2010)

Wu-How - Ninjas Guide to Everything - Presenter for BBC3 (2010)

Life - BBC One (2009)

Big Cat Live - digital (2008)

Fossil Detectives - BBC Two - development (2007)

Darwin, Notes from a Genius - BBC Two - (2009)

Life in Cold Blood - BBC One (2008)

Journey of Life - BBC Two (2005)

Britain Goes Wild / Springwatch - BBC Two (2004)

BBC Earth Web Series: Chasing the Monsoon, South India (2009) 

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