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Sand Pipers, Ruddy Turnstones & Red Knots

I am a TV producer, director and wildlife photographer. I have been based at the BBC Natural History Unit since 2003 and in that time I have filmed in more than 30 countries. I have worked on a wide range of productions including landmark series such as ‘Life’, ‘Life in Cold Blood’ and ‘Wonders of the Monsoon’. I am currently producing a film as part of prime time BBC One series about Wild Cats. As part of the BBC Natural History tech team I am always keen to try and develop new techniques and technology, particularly in specialist timelapse photography.

Some of the TV shows that I have worked on...

Big Cats - BBC One (2018)

Attenborough and the Sea Dragon - BBC One (2018)

Blue Planet II - timelapse - BBC One (2017)

Wild Tales from the Village - timelapse - BBC Two (2016)

Earth's Greatest Spectacles - New England - BBC Two (2016)

Wonders of the Monsoon- BBC Two (2014)

Secrets of Our Living Planet - BBC Two (2012)

Animals Guide to Britain - BBC Two (2011)

How the Earth made us - BBC Two (2010)

Wu-How - Ninjas Guide to Everything - Presenter for BBC3 (2010)

Life - BBC One (2009)

Big Cat Live - digital (2008)

Fossil Detectives - BBC Two - development (2007)

Darwin, Notes from a Genius - BBC Two - (2009)

Life in Cold Blood - BBC One (2008)

Journey of Life - BBC Two (2005)

Britain Goes Wild / Springwatch - BBC Two (2004)

BBC Earth Web Series: Chasing the Monsoon, South India (2009) 

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