Film crew on Location - Iron Ammonite Photography
Sand Pipers, Ruddy Turnstones & Red Knots
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Stone Money, Yap-4

Stone Money, Yap-4

I was filming on the Micronesian island of Yap... Here a Yapese lady called Agnes had just offered me betelnut and tobacco from her handbag. It's a natural sedative that has been chewed on these islands for thousands of years, and so in the interest of cultural respect I accepted. It has the unfortunate side effect of turning your mouth red and so I spent the rest of the day looking like I had bleeding gums. In this image Agnes and I are resting on a giant rai stone - the traditional form of currency. Hundreds of these giant coins stand across the island - all originating from ancient quarries on the island of Palau 450kms away. The most valuable are those for which people had died whilst transporting them on rafts. #BBCEarth #EarthOnLocation #Yap #Micronesia #History #Pacific #Betlenut #Money #Coin #Currency

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